How to Stand Out at an Investor Networking Event

Networking events like The Real Estate Investors Summit, which is coming up on March 26 & 27, offer a great opportunity to get face-to-face with buyers, funders and investors in a more informal environment. However, with limited time and lots of competition for attention, how can you be sure that you stand out?

Prepare an Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch is the hook with which you can reel in a little more interest from a prospective investor. Attention spans are short, and if it takes you more than 20 seconds to convey your concept, the attention of an investor is likely to drift.

A strong elevator pitch is scalable. That means you get the idea across in your first sentence. Then, if you have the time and/or are invited to expand further, you have a second and third sentence ready.

An example of a scalable, 20-second elevator pitch could be: “We’re the mecca of investor events and conferences. Attending our events, investors can learn from industry experts and vendors can build their networks. Our summits are where opportunity meets capital.”

Open with a question

To persuade an investor that your business is a good fit, you need to know what his or her interest is. So, ask questions first to discover whether there is likely to be genuine mutual interest.

If there is a good fit, use what you have learned to tailor what you talk about. Focus on the areas of interest to that investor and show how YOUR business will help THEM fulfill their investment mandate. This changes the dynamic of your conversation, as your approach is now about helping the investor, rather than selling to them.

Convey Your Key Message with Stories

Stories can be your secret weapon. Dry facts and data connect with the logical and judgmental part of our brains, while stories connect with the emotional decision-making center. Because we buy into them emotionally, stories are more memorable, persuasive, and interesting.

So, use stories to weave in the key messages you want to convey. Instead of explaining your business, tell the story of the impact your product has had on a customer. Use a story to explain how your product found a niche in the market. Or introduce an underserved segment of the market using a story about a person in that segment.

Build Rapport with Warmth and Competence

People commonly assume that investors will judge them primarily on competence. However, research has shown that warmth is equally important as competence when it comes to investment decisions.

Warmth is not enough to impress investors on its own. But if investors find you too cold – if they do not like you – they will not invest. There are simple habits you can practice to evoke warmth. For example, open your body language by avoiding having your arms crossed or holding objects in front of you. Smile more, ask more questions, and maintain eye contact for longer.

Next Steps Then Recap

One of the most important parts of your interaction with an investor is your finish. Psychologists have noted a ‘recency effect’, which means that our memory of an interaction is weighted towards the last piece of information we receive.

If your conversation with the investor has gone well then you will probably have gone into some details in response to his or her questions. Before parting, agree on next steps so both of you are clear on how you will follow up with one another.

Then, highlight your key message again so it is the last thing that is left in the investor’s mind. This repetition also helps cement it into their memory.

Practice Makes Better Pitches

Now that you have worked out the flow to your pitch, practice it! Come participate at Investor Events “The Real Estate Investors Summit” on March 26 & 27, 2021!


“Passive Income” is a term that most people use to describe Real Estate. However, every real estate investor knows that while properties can produce cash flow, building a portfolio requires hard work. Most of that hard work is involved leveraging the right people: agents, contractors, bankers, and other investors. To build a network of reliable people, investors must put in the effort to make these connections.

Why Real Estate Networking is Important

Expanding one’s circle of contacts can put new opportunities on an investors radar screen, which might have otherwise been missed. Investors never know when someone they meet at a seminar will reach out with some information about a good deal. The wider the net an investor casts, the more fish they will catch!

When a person invests in real estate, they are often faced with issues that require expert assistance. They might need a good contractor because their primary contractor is already busy, or a good tax advisor who understands the ins and outs of real estate taxes. Real Estate Investors could find themselves needing a real estate agent who is familiar with a specific area to help them expand into a lucrative neighborhood. Whatever the case may be, having an established network will help Real Estate Investors connect with the right people when they need them most.

As every entrepreneur knows, you never want to have all your eggs in one basket. Creating an extensive network will help savvy investors tap into other areas outside of real estate in their quest to generate wealth. Having a large network can set investors up for the possibility of finding other types of investments, such as startups, retail operations, and stocks. Investors might have read about all these different avenues of cash flow, but it is not always about what someone knows. Allot of the time, it is about who someone knows.

Attend Industry Events

Industry events, seminars, and get-togethers are a great place to network with buyers and sellers—and many other types of real estate professionals. For starters, people in the real estate industry will congregate at these events, giving investors an opportunity to network face-to-face, which is the best and most impactful form of networking. Investors also have the chance to meet high-powered investors and successful real estate agents. Continuing education is also available at these events through classes, keynote speakers, and workshops. Some of these classes will help investors get a better grasp of important topics like real estate negotiation and real estate marketing.

These events can provide a social outlet, which is a great way to strengthen the connections investors make with people in their network as they get to know them. People tend to go out of their way for people they know and like. To that end, networking groups and events can be a great way to deepen the relationships in their growing real estate investment network. Check out information on our next Real Estate Investor networking opportunity: The Real Estate Investors Summit.

Learn How to Network Well

Networking takes effort, but it also requires skill. Anyone can post on Facebook, but people who develop their networking skills will find that they build the most meaningful, impactful connections. The art of networking successfully involves many components, such as social manners and tact, body language, and how to express oneself.

Real Estate Investors may want to pick up some tried-and-true literature on the subject, such as How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie (it has been a cornerstone of sales and marketing for almost a century). Somewhat ironically, investors can even reach into your network to ask how to network well. Investors can ask socially successful people in their network for tips. They may be surprised to learn that many of them focus on diet, exercise, and mental health—especially around the areas of confidence and anxiety—to improve their game.

Real Estate Networking

Building a real estate portfolio is easiest to achieve when investors have a network of people to help them. Investing in real estate is not just about investing money; it is also about investing time. Networking is one of the most important skills a real estate investor needs to be successful.

Whether an investor is renting properties or flipping houses, it’s important to reach out to dependable contractors, bankers, agents, property owners, and other investors in order to grow and maintain their portfolio. Without a good-quality network, investors will find that real estate investing is full of challenges that are difficult to overcome alone. But with an extensive, ever-increasing network at their back, they will be ready to take on the world—one deal at a time.

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Meet Our Expert Presenters: Tommy San Miguel

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Tommy San Miguel, president and CEO of SGR Energy, is a proven leader and executive in the Fuel Oil (FO) industry with almost 30 years of experience in senior petroleum management, marketing, and field operations. He has been involved in the early stages of two fuel oil companies, is responsible for founding SGR Energy, and for growing the company to $265MM in revenue and $20MM in EBITDA in 8 years. Tommy is the 2020 recipient of EY’s Entrepreneur of The Year award.

Register for The Real Estate Investors Summit to view Tommy’s presentation “SGR Energy’s Opportunity to Diversify”, online or in-person.

The Real Estate Investors Summit: Itinerary

The Real Estate Investors Summit Itinerary

This year we kick off with our inaugural annual real estate event, “The Real Estate Investors Summit”, on March 26 & 27, at The Woodlands Waterway Marriott Resort & Convention Center.

To our online spectators, please make sure to register for the event! Once you do, you will receive a zoom link (the day before the event) and you can tune in to all, or just your favorite, presentations!

For our in-person attendees, there will be an early bird registration Thursday evening for all participants arrival early to enjoy the Resort. Details will be sent out to all registered participants. Please also note Friday night dinner will be offsite, but within a beautiful walking distance down the waterway. If you require special accommodations, please email

We are almost to capacity for in-person attendees, so please register to save your seats!