David Randolph is the Founder of Short Sale Profits and TheDavidRandolph.com.

David rehabs about 5-10 houses a year, all his renovated houses listed on the MLS $265K and less have sold in 7 days or less at List price or Higher, for 10 years.

David makes $50K – $150K PROFIT per house on $250K houses because he negotiates Short Sales with the bank.  These are not houses on the MLS but rather with the homeowner and the bank.

Because of Short Sales, he has made so much money in real estate that he has nearly $3 million in his retirement accounts that he lends out across the country to other rehabbers.  He will lend the rehabber ALL the money to buy the house, All the money to fix the house up, All the money for the points on the loan, and All the money for the monthly interest payments.

 David also teaches other investors how to get out of their regular JOB and negotiate Short Sales.