The Real Estate Investors Summit 2021

The Real Estate Investors Summit

The Real Estate Investors Summit is kicking off in The Woodlands Texas on Mar 26th & 27th. With a beautiful venue to enjoy loads of networking, presentations, delicious meals, investment strategies & more, you do not miss this opportunity!

Registration is free for all qualified investors.

This is a laid back, exclusive, educational environment for investors to get up close with industry experts. Affluent ­­subject matter experts to present, such as Paul Hood, Carrie Cook, Howard Robbins, Kyle Jones, Teri Walter, Monty Galland, Jack Glaw, Rochelle Carroll, David Randolph, and Randy Hughes!

Investor Events will be sponsoring The Kids Unlimited Foundation at The Real Estate Investors Summit.

Investor Tip: How to Create a Lifetime of Opportunities from a Conference

As an investor, attending a conference is worth the money and time, but not just for the information. Underestimating the impact of such events might be a bad call for investors, and here is why:

Networking far surpasses even the best of information presented!

Networking has always been the most important aspect of attending a conference, since most of the presented information is published online after the conference ends or is live for online attendees. Some investors focus only on the conference speakers, since they may not feel socially confident in meeting new people. However, the investors who typically attend conferences are easy to speak with and open to meeting others and building strong relationships… So block the fear and doubts from your mind and try to focus on the following advantages.

1. Creating real-life relationships converts one- or two-day conferences into a life of opportunities. Make sure to exchange contacts and invite them for a quick business lunch or follow-up zoom. Always remember though, these follow-up meetings are not only about business, but forming a strong relationship with the people you meet. This builds a solid network that will not falter! Make sure you reach out within the week following the event. Try this perspective: treat a conference like you are hosting a house-warming party. Would you let any neighbors into your house without at least an introduction?

2. Connecting with other investors is imperative for new investors to get real, honest working theories from investors that have successfully developed their wealth. It is equally important for savvy investors looking to expand their portfolios in alternative investment options. For instance, through attending other investor-centric conferences, we have been able to land over 200 meetings with investors, founders, and potential partners. These events have helped us to not only build our network, but also helped us all gain lasting friendships. The mentality you need to bring to a conference is: be prepared, ask questions, introduce yourself to EVERYONE.

3. Meeting your competition creates a friendly competitiveness that can drive you to push further and higher than even you might have predicted for you and/ or your company. At conferences, you can learn from your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, ultimately helping you attract and retain new business! You never know where the inspiration could come from, so be open to new ideas and theories that may contradict what you have assimilated to.

4. Connecting with people personally in a professional setting is near impossible because outside of conferences, you are typically prospecting everyone you encounter. Plus, you can find investors and entrepreneurs from different states or industries at these events, whom you would not be able to meet otherwise. 

So, to gain the highest return on your investment of time and money spent to attend conferences, view each contact as a door of opportunity for an authentic relationship that can develop professional gains for both you and the person you connect with!

May all of your investments bring you happy returns.